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a variation of the word anime which was misspelled in a text i received. For those that have been living under a rock their whole lives and don't know the meaning of the word anime...use a dictionary...this one proves quite useful. :)
Niki : im not sure what I should use for my video, do you have any ideas?

Jack: I'm not very familiar with many types of animey.

Niki: You mean anime.

Jack: That too. c:
by my_pants_smell_good May 16, 2010

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useless, annoying, pink-haired, whiny, hooker, that no one likes and is hated upon here. No one likes sakura and those who do need to get their eyes and their brains checked...ya'll should be some kakashists and worship the very ground he walks on...Shes a total douchebag.
Everyone hates Sakura, she's a total douchebag...go worship Kakashi instead...or sasuke...thats cool too. =D
by my_pants_smell_good March 26, 2010

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