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free running is often mixed up with parkour. Although the two are often physically similar, the mindsets of each are vastly different. free running is moving from point a to point b as effeciently as possible with style involved such as flips, gainers, and spins. Freerunning is essentially complete freedom of movement. parkour is the same without the style involved. From the start the parkour community has been always against the idea of serious competition as it violates the foundations of the philosophy of parkour . it spawned off of parkour which was started in the 1980's by david belle. The term free running was coined during the filming of Jump London, as a way to present parkour to the English-speaking world. alot of free runners practice in groups and have a philosophy about it which is really david belles whole idea. The philosophy is dicipline mentally and physically. If you dont think it is a mental discipline you are completely wrong the fact that you try to jump a 20 foot camp 15 eet of the ground can really get you.but this is what free running really is for even more info wiki it.
by my team: the am sect October 24, 2009
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