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A derogatory term for those of italian descent. WOP is an acronym that stands for With Out Papers. The roots of this word date back to early italian immigrants who did not obtain proper documents to come work in America, due to the fact that most of them were criminals. Many storekeepers would have signs that said "No Wops" to discourage italians from applying for a job.
My sister just started dating some italian guy. I swear if she gets knocked up, thers's no fucking way I'll ever talk to her or her half wop bastard kid, fuckin' wops!
by muntus March 29, 2004
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verb. To masturbate at one's desk at work while talking to someone on the phone.

etymology: see Len Brown (Mayor of Auckland, NZ)
"yeah, her voice was totally hot so I had to have a len"
by Muntus October 15, 2013
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