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Cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt
"Tony Blair is a cunt"

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Descriptive of having a poo, to give a toilet birth
John - "Where the hell have you been, the hookers were getting bored!"

Tony - "Sorry, i was just waving a brown friend off to sea"

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A toilet, loo, lav, bum bowl.
"Who left a floater in the chodbin?"

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Term used to describe the indentation created during a momentary break in a particularly long toilet birth.

"Damn it, get me some all-bran, that last choddie needed FOUR breather rings!!"

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Description of disgarding of faecal matter. to dump.
Woman - "So after i've painted the living room, i'm going to arrange the...."
Man - "Hold that thought love, i'm just off to the chodbin to deliver a toilet birth"

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Descriptive of the act of having a poo
"Gimme that autosport, i'm just off to the chodbin to crimp down"

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The aftermath left after sitting too far back on a toilet seat whilst waving a brown friend off to sea
"Oh my god, i'm gonna be sick, theres a monkeys tail on that seat!"

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