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another word for a woman's pussy, box, puntang, choch, etc.
q: how is a kfc meal like a woman?
a: because once you are done with the legs, breast, and thighs, you have a greasy box to put your bone into.
by mr big January 31, 2005
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Covertly: to meet with a lover for a sexual rendezvous. Usually spoken by the wife to the husband.
Honey, I'm going shopping this afternoon...I'll be back by six.
by Mr Big December 09, 2004
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someone from new zealand that comes to australia for a holiday and never leaves.
suspectd to have sexual relations with sheep.
"Those damn sheep-shaggers from across the ditch are invading again! why cant they just stay in thir own damn country?"
"What do you call a sheep in a Kiwi's backyard?
A ride-on lawnmower"
by Mr Big October 18, 2004
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