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WEEKDAY GIRL is great...if your a guy.She's super cool. Easy going. Doesn't ask too much of you. Kinda at your mercy in way. She waits for you to call.She needs attention but won't say that she does, she doesn't want to "scare" you so she won't call you too much. She puts up a front, she actually really likes you but knows and accepts that you are busy and have responsibilities. So you can only see her later in the night after you have completed your day. But she's waiting patiently, prettied up and smiling for you when she opens the door...on a WEEKDAY!!! You are tired and want to stay in, we "understand" because you have had a loooong day, we are here for you. Disapointed but we won't let it show. There's always Friday and Saturday. But wait! You are not good enough for a Friday or Saturday...because your WEEKDAY GIRL! Fridays and Saturdays are not her nights. Those are reserved for actual "BUDDIES", WEEKDAY GIRL does not rank those nights. She's in a sense not a buddy nor a friend because she cannot even be mixed with them. She's only good enough for WEEKDAYS when not much else is going on. So there she is on a weekend easily available or worse ALONE, hopeful that he may call her if he strikes out at the bar or is just drunk enough to not know its the WEEKEND. And being WEEDAY GIRL she picks up the phone in hopes of maybe the transition into WEEKEND GIRL may happen. It doesn't. It won't.
Man, I am getting so sick of being a weekday girl...
by moto5892 February 02, 2008
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