2 definitions by moomooooo23

Trenton has the biggest heart and is very loyal and loving to the person important to him. Mattie can be very secretive, but always honest to those they care about. When Matties are happy, everyone around them feels happier. Together Mattie and Trenton are the cutest couples in the galaxies, they shine brighter than the sun, their love makes others happy. AND THEY'RE BOTH HELLA CUTE.
Bob: Have you seen Trenton & Mattie? arent they the cutest??
Moo: yes and yes.
by moomooooo23 April 18, 2021
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A person who isn’t needed or wanted around.
*no one laughs at your jokes*
*ignored half of the time*
*always has to text first*

I guess I’m an extra to them
by moomooooo23 April 25, 2021
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