3 definitions by mommy’s boy

mommy defines a certain girl by the name of saoirse who is extremely sexy and has big voluptuous mommy milkers and a sexy bod with a gorgeous face mommy is the sexiest person known to man she is the best ever and perfect in every way possible
by mommy’s boy April 20, 2023
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tater and tot are super sexy and super delicious scrumptious very yummy and rlly hot and just so sexy id love to suck on some tater and tot and lick them just so scrumptious and sexy tater and tot have the powers to make glaze gun throb and glaze for them
tater and tot are so sexy i want to lick them
by mommy’s boy May 15, 2023
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woman crush wednesday is a day dedicated to the sexiest girl alive named saoirse its actually only her day not just any woman bc she's the only woman in existence the sexiest woman ever i love her so much she's just so god damn sexy and delicious SO FUCKING HOT SO SO SEXY i love her she gets wcw dedicated to her
by mommy’s boy May 17, 2023
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