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when you and one of your friends fight just to see who would win in a fight, usually occurs after an arguement where one friend says he can knock the dog mess out of the other. there a few simple rules to a friendly fade which makes it friendly,

1) if one person is on the ground you may not kick them or hit them in the face repeatedly if you are standing.

2) you may not kick in the balls or punch in the tit

3) after everything is said and done you are still friends and there are no grudges.
tom: i would kick the s**t out of dave man hes such a pussy

dave: bulls**t i would kill you

tom: ok then lets friendly fade

dace: alright, my house at 4

tom: ok!

(fight goes on and ends, dave is thee victor)

tom: nice fight dude you totally whooped me

dave: yea but you threw some pretty good hands man, wanna get some pizza?

tom: sure, ima get meat lovers

dave: cus you love meat in your mouth!! haha

tom: funny guy!!
by molten chief January 21, 2010
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