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Franklin Square, New York (known as the square) home to H.Frank Carey High School, which at one time was 99% white and 1% other. It has recently become more diverse but is still mostly white. The children population is 50% italian, 50% wigga. All the kids think their tough and think they can fight ANYBODY, but they usually say that while high or drunk. Yes, smoking and drinking, basically the only two things you can do in this town. All the kids will say this is the worst town and that there's nothing to do, but they will rep it hard always wanna come back when their away. All meals revolve around a bagel store called A & S. Need some breakfast...go to A & S, want some lunch...go to A & S, got the munchies late at night....go to A & S. When the kids aren't in school, or drinking, or at the mall they're probably just chillin hard at someones house. The parents of the town are pretty quiet, but their are some "italian mobsters" in the town who think they run it, but there's nothing really to run. Basically, if you come to Franklin Square you either get shot up by a "wanna-be mobster" or a wigga.
You in the square(franklin square) now senn
by mkamikaze3 November 10, 2006

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