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A troll who tried to murder Death Note with his horrible cover of Near's Theme. He is also a glam-rapper who consistently repeats verse after broken verse. He can be seen ruining classical music, raping the shit out of society, poisoning the very mention of grammar, OR tripping on sour success. Of course, of these things are indeed WELL-KNOWN about this idiot. His fans cannot even begin to comprehend why, which is quite sad.
Person #1: Why do you like Soulja Boy? He's not an artist. He's a

Person #2: hes da coooolet niigga on da planet..all da bitches listening too dis.

Person #1: Um... What?
by misterhandesome June 06, 2010
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The front poser of one of the worst bands in existence -- Fall Out Boy.
Me: I REALLY hate Pete Wentz. You should too.

Anonymous: Oooh, he's HAWT!!!!! ur so stupid.

Me: Wow. Love REALLY is skin deep. Congratulations, you're ugly to the bone.
by misterhandesome June 06, 2010
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1. The worst game in the Final Fantasy series -- alongside the linear dungeon that is Final Fantasy XIII. Approximately one third of the game is spent on character stats, card battles, and side-quests. Another third is dedicated to GF gatherings and useless upgrades. Everything else directs you to the awful story and Mary-Sues.

2. One of the more overrated entries of the Final Fantasy series. With an excess of over a million fans from all over, it continues to rape the minds of countless RPG enthusiasts.

3. A game that marked the end of the Squaresoft's golden age. Its predecessors were FAR superior in terms of strategies, depth, side-quests, artwork, character designs, stories, and character mechanics; however, young VIII still managed to arouse the world with its hollow existence. People play it simply because it's part of the FF franchise.

4. The garbage that you throw out.
Person #1: EWWWWW! It's Final Fantasy VIII! Smash it now!

Person #2: IT'S SO FUN, THO!!!11

Person #1: Play Final Fantasy VII if you want your fun.
by misterhandesome June 07, 2010
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