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A man who goes on sugar daddy dating websites, pretending to be a wealthy, individual of vast financial means in order to attract women and get laid. He will talk up a big game about having a mansion, several fancy sports cars, a yacht, and property in Belize, but you'll never see any of it because they don't exist. This is all just a ploy to get in the targeted woman's panties, which some women may stupidly allow, despite having secured any financial benefits beforehand.
Britney: I went out with this dude I met from sugar daddy dating website. We met up at Chili's, I had to pay more than half the tab because his credit card declined. Afterwards he offered me sex in the back of his beat up, old hoopty. I passed. Then he had the nerve to ask me for gas money so he could get home.

Janet: Oh hell no! It sounds like you found a splenda daddy.
by missybitch April 21, 2017
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