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Means to Fart In Self. When you're in a situation, like with a new boytoy (or fish) and you have to fart so bad that it goes up into your stomach making a loud rumbling, grumbling, farting sound. To which you say "hmmm I must be hungry" in a sad attempt to cover up.
Claire - Oh man, I was at Rusty's this morning, and my gas was so bad that I was Fissing like crazy!

Ann - Dude you should have just broken the ice and dutch ovened him
by missj1982 December 12, 2009
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The annoying friend in the group that will do anything to make sure everyone likes them. Usually supplies the rest of the group with cigarettes/booze and tells really corney jokes. No one REALLY likes this person, but everyone tollerates them because they are such a pathetic kiss ass.
Jamie - "Let's get shitfaced tonight"

Jill - "Right on, I'll call Jo over to buy everything"

Jamie - "Good idea, she's such a beggafriend"
by missj1982 July 26, 2009
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