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means i love you :D and ilu2 means i love you too!
1: ilu!!!!!
2: ilu2!!!!!
by miss murder July 16, 2006
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emo is not kids trying to be cool and faking everything
they have a reason to be depressed
they are just like everyone else so stop judging them

emo people: longish black/dark hair with highlights of a different colour like red or red with black or whatever and fridge covering one eye. tight girl jeans, make-up and maybe a lip piercing and of course CONVERSE! and they have a very good reason to be depressed. maybe they had something done to them when they were little.

not all emos cut themselves.
and the ones that do cut themselves to try and get rid of the pain they have on the inside.
and sure they may want to die at times but who doesn't?
the music they listen to has a meaning to it. it's written by the band/artist and sung by them so they understand it all unlike the pop crap and stuff everyone listens to that other people wrote.
they like music like: my chemical romance, taking back sunday (who are not pop/rock crap they are very good), the used, the all american rejects(which are getting too popish now), fall out boy (who are also getting too popish), lostprophets, from first to last, hawthorne heights and loads more.
they wear black but that doesn't make them goths or gothic everyone wears black. black goes with everything and doesn't show dirt(that's why new yorkers wear it a lot) they also wear red and purple and pink and green and everyother colour you can think of.
they wear a lot of bracelets and sweat bands but that's to hide their scars that are there because they are trying to escape the pain they have on the inside.
yes they do take alot of pictures of themselves. describe them as camerawhores if you must. they just like the camera.
they are not looking for attention. well not all of them. some might be because they didn't/don't get any at home and their parents don't care.
they do not bleed black. it's just a figure of speech about how they feel.
and yes they cry alot. but isn't it better to get them out then holding them back and getting worse? tears are the words the heart can't speak. they are away of letting everything out without hurting yourself or anyone else.
maybe emo is become overly used and more people are it. but maybe that's because of how the world is now.
and maybe they are mostly white people. maybe white people just have a worse life than anyone else.
emos are very random and like weird things.
they are NOT druggies or whores or whatever. well most of them aren't
(emo-ish person) that's depressing (to something that is really depressing)
(person being horrible) everything is depressing, my whole life is depressing, i'm soo depressed i'm gonna go die. (etc)
(p.b.h.)go cry in your corner you stupid emo (note emo never did anything)
(emo walking along ignoring everyone)
(p.b.h) go away you f**king emo.
by Miss Murder July 14, 2006
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