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Nice. Minnesotans are nicer if you went to highschool/college with them. Out-of-staters don't do so well. To be really accepted, you have to be from here.
IT'S COLD. Somehow, the cold in MN will freeze the marrow in your bones. You will wonder why the HELL you live here every morning.
Minnesotans pride themselves that it only gets "cold" here when it hits negative temperatures. We get excited when it gets above freezing.
Best summer in the world. Lakes, flawless temperature, sunny. Birds singing and blue skies. Ice cream and popcorn at Lake Harriet. Canoeing in the Boundary Waters. Going to the cabin. Life is really good.
Spring/Fall: Normal.
We know how to have a good time. We aren't all about ice fishing. We can have raging parties. Come to MN, make the right friends, and enjoy.
We also have the Mall of America, which kinda spoils us.
The Twin Cities=AWESOME. You want metropolitan, cool, and all the amenities of a Chicago/New York City without the stress. Minneapolis. Urban shops, cool boutiques, weird hole-in-the-walls, amazing band venues.
More artsy, alternative? St. Paul. Rich in history and art, all the hipsters love St. Paul.
Overall, our sports teams are OK. Our biggest asset is the Vikings, which as of 2011, sucked, but Vikes fans bleed gold and purple. We are the best fans in the world.
Kid: I'm from California.

Kid #2: I'm from Kansas.

Minnesota Kid: I'm from Minnesota.

Everyone: *DAMMMNNNN*
by minnesotagirleveryday February 09, 2011

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