2 definitions by milotheGOAT

the most perfect emo thief boy to ever exist. literally ❤️❤️
kaz brekker is a baddie who only needs one leg
by milotheGOAT March 21, 2023
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an amazing book and amazing tv series about a magic sun girlie who finds out she is a magic sun girlie and is whisked away to train with other magic girlies and a magic shadow general. then she leaves behind the doormat love interest to train with BEN BARNES. and then runs away again to be with the doormat…
“shadow and bone is an amazing show!”
“have u read the books?”
“no… besides the show is like so fast paced and kaz is so hot!”

“yes and don’t talk to me ever again”
by milotheGOAT March 21, 2023
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