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the absolute most hilarious girl you'll ever meet. she probably swears a bit and wishes she didn't but she finds it fun. everyone loves her and she can be the life of the party but in uncomfortable situations she can completely change and accidentally become awkward asf. gives the best advice to all her friends especially about guys, yet she probably doesn't have a boyfriend because guys don't seem to take millanas seriously because she is too busy cracking jokes. she is extremely beautiful and the greatest friend you'll ever have. if you ever meet a millana make sure to become friends with her because you won't regret it.
"omg do you know millana?"

"yeah shes the funniest girl i know lol
by mill234567 December 4, 2018
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when your ex dated someone new who’s a significant step down from you.
“hey chloe, show me your ex’s new gf”
“omg ok”
*shows photo*
“wow she is definitely a step down the staircase
by mill234567 June 15, 2019
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