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Part of the suburban NY-NJ-CT metropoiltan area of 19,000,000 people. Levitown was one of the first incorpoarted suburbs in the 1940's after the depression and WWII. Now it is primaraly dominated by Guidos and Japs. Very segregated compared to other parts of the country I came to realize after living in Florida which happens to way alittle too diverse for me. Many rich wealthy obnoxious towns, many poor ghetto working class towns but overall mostly middle class suburban towns with families. Pretty safe for being in such a populated place. The city is very accessible usually anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. Look to buy a house prepare to spend $500,000 or more for a decent looking home in a nice community. Schools are pretty good and the kids are mostly spoiled or live at home until they are 30 like on VH1'S Frank The Entertainer in a Basement Affair.
Person A:what did you do tonight in Long Island?
Person B: I went to 7-11, Dunkin Donuts and than got wasted and had my friend drive to Taco bell? you
Person A:The Same it was so much fun.
by mikejolz March 18, 2010

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