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Stemming from the climax of the game Modern Warfare 2, the term Sheperdeded means to be killed by having a knife thrown into the eye socket. The term can also be used as a blanket adjective to describe any situation where one is unarguably fucked.
"General Sheperd was sheperdeded in the end of MW2"

"That kid got sheperdeded when he fell off the roof onto the table saw"
by mikegjoes April 22, 2010

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To gain access through hacking. It can also describe a situation where you are able to log into another person's email/computer/username/etc. simply because they left their password on the 'remember always' setting
I got haccess into the CIA national database and found that military-grade toilet seats really do cost upwards of $20,000

My brother left his computer on, so I got haccess into his facebook and made all of his info 'i like dick'.
by mikegjoes September 15, 2010

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