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The Burning Man Project is an experiment in social transformation. Once a population of self-sufficient and socially minded participants, it has been systematically turned upside down. The ridiculously massive infrastructure is set in place to 1) make real self-sufficiency unnecessary, 2) give purpose to the volunteers within the infrastructure itself.

Participation has come to mean volunteerism, and vise versa. This volunteerism created a social system based on two classes, 1) the volunteers, 2) everyone else. The volunteers exist to build the infrastructure for everyone else, and everyone else exists to be dependent on the infrastructure.

The notion that everyone could be a participant (or volunteer) as it once was, no longer exists. And the Burning Man Project is in place to secure this separation, because without it there would be no need for the Burning Man Project.

This antisocial divide was not created accidentally or as a byproduct of necessity. In the absence of a dragon to slay, this overladen quasi government can only exist by protecting the individuals from themselves. Thus the need to attract more and more clueless spectators who will hail their providers' sacrifices in laboring to build the infrastructure that they are so willfully dependent upon.

Blame it all on the various types of antisocial personality disorders in which people will do anything for attention, and for the feeling that they are better than other people.
Susie: I volunteer at Burning Man. I'm sooo important there.

Jake: Sorry, I don't date psycho bitches from hell.
by mikeTjones December 29, 2009

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