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the best band in the whole fuckin world r.i.p bradley everyone misses u and wed all kill to have u back well, he died at a hotel from a herroin o.d. hours after a concer great fuckin bad with great fuckin songs my favorites,what i got,santeria,wrong way,badfish,boss d.j.,dont push,djs,doin time,carress me down,garden grove,fuck,i cant even name them all theres too many but i love all of their songs the band consists of 4 members, brad nowell lead guitarist, eric wison bass player, bud gaugh the drummer,and of course louie and tobie dog their dogs louie died though,of old age : but sublime is the best band to ever come out of the lbc!
me:hey bro wanna listen to some sublime its awsome chill music.
friend:no they suck
me:fuck you you mother fuckin buttfuckin fucked in the head fuckin fuck up!
friend:nevermind then, sublime it is!
by mii mii mikey!!! July 23, 2006

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