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the hottest, coolest guy u'll ever meet
he's usually FUCKING handsome and doesn't care about all the shit people say/think of him
most yazens are sexually fit and ACTIVE
they consider watching porn an act showing the fact that u don't have a fuckin life
girl 1: like OMG!!! i can't believe it

girl 2: what's wrong with you, what just happened , did you have an orgasm or somehting.

girl 1: well, ya i did have an orgasm but thats not actually why i said OMG ... i said it because i just saw yazen pass by .. DIDN'T YOU SEE HIM .. he was like waling tall and handsome like he doesn't give a fkn shit about anyone in the world (EXCEPT MEEEE)

GIRL 2: get off u hoe .. yesterday i slept with him and he said he loves ME.

guy 1: hey girls, he's not the only gd looking guy around u know

girl 1&2: eeeewwwwww ... get lost loser
by michiniyazB May 12, 2011

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