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SUCKS THE BIG FAT HAIRY COCK BOTTOM LINE, aol lawyers alos suck big fat hairy cocks, in fact there all cock smokers
kid: hey i heard sum1 sucked ur aol
fat kid: yeh my aol is hairy
kid: im gona shove my hairy aol down ur mums throat
by michael's dad February 16, 2005
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Michael "soy" Soys is a gay kid. He is a poof. Soy is a dick sucking back stabber who can go suck a big fat one. John "Hunchy" Hantes is soy's lil bitch. Soy and Hunchy are 2 faggots who get erections from staring at Mr. Williams ass all day in English. They can go fuck each other. I hope a plane falls on soys head and breaks his penis off. ROTT IN HELL MICHAEL!!!!!!
Soy was caught jerking off Hunchy in Mr Williams english class
by michael's dad February 14, 2005
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