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Grizzly Bear album will change your life, unless you're a fucking retard.
Guy #1: Hey, have you heard Veckatimest yet?
Guy #2: No, I don't like Grizzly Bear.
Guy #1: Fuck you! You fucking retard! Fuuuuuuuuck yoooouuuuuuu!
by merson July 06, 2011
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Politically correct way to say "mermaid".
Male "mermaids" prefer to be called a merson.
by Merson February 23, 2014
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When the band only has one popular song, so in a live set, they milk it for all its worth and save it for the very, very last song.
Foster the People has Foster the People syndrome. They didn't play Pumped Up Kicks until the very, very end.

We saw Wiz Khalifa. He also has Foster the People Syndrome. He didn't play Black and Yellow until the very, very end. Oh to be a young artist and feel the keen sting of a one hit wonder.
by merson August 01, 2011
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