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a category of nerds who are highly interested in anime and often anything related to japan. They usually have average or below average intelligence (although often like to think of themselves as being smarter than the average person) . They normally wear large, ill-fitted, and either baggy or too-tight clothes. They will often have unkempt and messy appearances, with alot of acne blemishes and scraggly hair and will often wear their japanese/anime themed t-shirts far too often from a hygienic perespective . Many of them are overweight or have bad posture. They often use/butcher japanese words like "kawai!!". They like to draw pictures of their anime heroes in grubby little sketch pads.Their pathetic lives scarcely resemble the heroic and inspirational existence of the anime heroes that they so devotedly worship.
dude look at those anime nerds playing yu-gi-oh in the corner of building 13..
by memoryreciever November 12, 2006
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