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1.To be perfect in every sense of the word, often times just out of birthright of being born with such a flawless name.
2. To effortlessly do something with absolute perfection
I wish I was a mehta, that way I'd be perfect.
I just mehtaed the SATs while I was up late partying last night.
by mehta29 August 12, 2006
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Wrap It. Tap It. Smack It. Pack It.

The Be All - End All advice to any guy for any chick problem he ever has.

It never fails to fix any problem, it simply helps prioritize and clarify.
Father: Son, remember what I told you...Witisipi.
Son: Yes, father. I'll always remember to wrap it, tap it, then smack it and pack it.
Father: I'm so proud of you.
by mehta29 October 21, 2006
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