3 definitions by megladon

When a dude has skinny arms. There is no change in thickness between the bicep and forearm.
See David over there? He has pencil arms bro!
by megladon March 15, 2017
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A slang term used to describe the company "Ubisoft" for their repeated failures at making decent PC ports of their most popular games, and for forcing people to use uPlay which is near useless and often results in games being broken on launch.
Tried to play the new Assassins Creed on PC but Ubishit forced me into using uPlay and the game sucked arse on PC.
by megladon November 20, 2014
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To get stressed out and or annoyed with using the popular WordPress blogging platform.
"I'm getting stressed out with doing this wordpress blog" "You seem Wordpressed"
by megladon March 18, 2015
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