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An annoying ass phrase that the gay wizard who cums and flies in the Zelda CD-i games repeats when he's excited or randy with Link. Found in countless youtube poops.
Wizard: I will cum on your squadilla!
by mechademon5 January 25, 2008
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What was once a proud feudal Japanese assassin renowned for its ninjutsu skills and martial arts/weapons training now reduced to American five-year olds reenacting what they see on Naruto and getting injured for it. Ninjas formerly trained in clans or legions. Now they go to school in an academy to better relate to American children. Weaksauce =(
I'm gonna be a NINJA! Believe it! Watch this, mom! It's not dangerous, I saw it on Naruto!!!
by mechademon5 February 25, 2008
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