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A group of five of the sexiest girls around. They are often seen laughing or bitching people out. Usually there are two blondes and three brunettes. They are the power group of their generation. These girls like to team up and tear people apart. Or they can be the sweetest most innocent girls around.. depending on their surroundings. They enjoy eating, shopping, partying, making others jealous, and going on vacations. They usually have the hottest boys hanging within 10 feet of them. There is usually one powerfully smart girl, one deep lyrical girl, one slutty athletic girl, one innocent humorous girl, and one wild spokesperson of the group. They each add something different but when the 5 of them are together, they make everyone else seem like small background players in their game of life. You will either love these girls or hate them purely because you are jealous.
Mikey- What up dude-man im having a banger tonight, who should i invite?
TJ P- Invite The Five they always bring the party with them.
by meatball101 June 22, 2010

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