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A woman or man with an abnormally large rear end, "booty," or buttocks that protrudes outwards in a grand fashion to permit the penetration of the corresponding meatcleaver.
"I am so jealous of that meatgrinder near the dumpster smoking a joint over there, wish I got a big booty like hers to get me some guys."
"Mmm honey you are lucky you got me to bounce on top of that meatcleaver because it's hard to come by a meatgrinder that can get up in that like me."
(A couple in heat) "Oh baby harder, my meatgrinder can take it!"
"When I was an old saggy woman, it was apparent that my meatgrinder was tired and overused due to its droopy, flat, and dull appearance. No one wanted to fuck me until I got the revolutionary Fat-Filler for meatgrinders from Playdough, thanks Playdough!"
"There I was, lamp in hand, shoving it up my rectum. The stanky ass bitch next to me couldn't believe I could fit it up there, but I said 'Hey I'm a meatgrinder, anythings possible!' and she stood there in shock."
by mdds1002 January 22, 2014

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