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A lad who loves shitty consoles and enjoys games aimed at 10 year olds. He has a fettish for Chinese girls that don't speak english. He has attributes similar to that of Podrick
"You wanna go downstairs?"

"Nah, there's a Nintendo Fraser down there and its getting heated cuz that Chinese girls down there and Mario just came out"
by mayojohn December 01, 2013

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A lad who's room smells of cheese. He has a mayonnaise fettish, and has a passion for girls that look like him. Regularly seen with food all over his face and chest, and a general terror to all the single ladies. Typically identified by his posh accent.
"What was the guy like?"
"He was a bit of a Little John really, I walked in his room and nearly died from the smell, plus he had a pig in a wig laying next to him"
by mayojohn December 01, 2013

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