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The act when one partner is sitting using both hands pinching the standing partner’s nipples. The sitting partner has mouth open and tongue out as the standing partner masturbates with the options of coming on the soft tongue or into the open mouth.
While enjoying a soft swing with my wife, my nipples got sore.
by maxmax February 8, 2014
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comes from cool is craziness .
it is used to mean crazy cool, super cool ,or it means that it is so cool its crazy or that its so crazy its cool .

mainly used by CCIFR people in exchange of the word cool.

it was first created in 2008 after making CCIFRP .
Michelle : it have been snowing all day
Jess : COOLISHNIS! I love the snow =D

Simon : I got tickets for tonight's concert we're all going ,its gonna be awesome
Maxie : coolishnis!!!

Jess : I just joined CCIFRP!
Maxie : Coolishnis! welcome aboard ;)
by maxmax February 16, 2009
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