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Is a type of internet troll who:

a) argues incoherently, repeating the same point over and over again without substantiation
b) spews hate rhetoric without substantiation
c) has an irrational hatred of all things western, and especially, American
d) thinks that opinions can be counted as fact
e) will not back up his facts when confronted with questions
f) ignores questions to back up his statements
g) is arrogant
h) is high and mighty
i) is a total hyppocrite
j) is illogical
Dude, stop being such a fucking Brasco! It's so fucking irritating!
by maxReRe January 25, 2005

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A type of internet troll who:

a) rambles incohrently
b) has bad grammar
c) has atrocious spelling
d) randomly strings words and phrases together
e) is extremely racist
f) has the IQ of a shoe
g) has a urine fetish
h) has a bestiality fetish and often professes his love of raping goats
i) loves being assfucked by his boyfriend Abdul
choma_cha_nkola is such a fucking retard! He's a pathetic freak!
by maxReRe January 25, 2005

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