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when you see someone you know and they offer you there hand for a greeting shake as one would at a business interview. However at the last second they try and do some fancy bro shake with you ending in epic fail on all accounts. This usually leaves the unsuspecting recipient feeling ashamed and less then a man.
(Situation: At the club in front of some girls and you get shake raped by a bro)

girls: hahahaha you totally fucked that up you must have a small penis

you: fuck that!, I just got shake raped.
by matttatts September 05, 2011
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the femal equivilent to Movember. a chance for women to cultivate the sweetest 70s pube fro.
whooo girl you need to get some sheep shears and trim that bush back!. foo its vajanuhairy!. oh sorry ma bad
by matttatts November 09, 2010
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