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1. to have a hand containing a large amount of money.
2. Fist full of Yen (FFOY) are a post panda hardcore band playing PandaCore and Pandahop. the band consists of 4 members: Laurie the blast beat loving drummer, kirk the kwerky yet crazy bassist, olli the guitarist with a love of powerchords and jessica thier "real life" alive panda mascot. from york the band have strived to break barriers with the irregular time signitures. the band have many hits including: "mopatop shop" "APPLES" "latte Latino" and many more.
man 1: oh no! i've forgotten my wallet.
man 2: don't worry ive got a Fist full of Yen!
man 1: isn't that a strange type of meditation from york some how related to a craaazy drummer who got attacked but then played a gig with only one arm (that worked).
man 3: that rocks my world.
man 4: all i know is that you should guard the ones close to you with APPLES.
by mattia November 18, 2007

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