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This school is miles away from any real civilization. The faculty and administrators think NMU is the most reputable college in the state although the truth is just the opposite. NMU is the least prestigious university you could possible attend in Michigan but that wont stop the professors from acting like dicks and assigning so much work your head will spin; or you will sacrifice any trace of a social life to get a mediocre grade because the teachers grade every none Homosexual person harshly. The Dean of students is a avid supporter of the fags and lesbians on campus. straight people are bashed here for being straight and thats totally ok. If your an art student you will need a credit card with a high limit cause you cant buy any supplies anywhere around here unless you drive 3 to 4 hours away.

you have to walk to school almost everyday in a blizzard

I will probably get in trouble with the dean for posting this because they censor students here. they monitor everything you put on your facebook or any website on the net. they claim they have a right to do this because YOU the student represent the school and they the school provide the internet that your tuition as a student pays for so there for they have a right to punish you for anything unsavory that you may say about the school online.
NMU student: teacher I need film for my photography class.

NMU teacher: well, this one place in town sells the film for double the normal price you would pay anywhere else in the civilized world. or you could order it online. and as far as that camera item is concerned you might think about driving to the other side of the mackinaw bridge downstate to get it.

Dean of students at Northern Michigan university: we dont need evidence to decide you guilty of violating the student code of conduct cause you accused by a member of outlook (the gay and lesbian organization on campus) and no you cant complain about the rude or insulting things that she or he or heshe says to you because straight peoples feelings dont matter.

by mat d. measels February 10, 2008
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