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Rather crude term describing a social situation in which there is a significantly greater number of females than males in attendance.

Antonym of "Sausage Fest"

- While ordinarily this would be considered “a win”, it may also suggest that you are the only dude at a lesbian soirée :)
“Man, I must be the only guy at this party, it’s an Axe-Wound Extravaganza! ”
by martinbc June 04, 2009

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Public transport phenomenon.
Buses between 9:30am and 10:00am. When the commuters have all gone to work, the fares are reduced and the blue rinses and concession cards flood the system en route to the Bingo halls, charity shops and coffee mornings.
During this time it is usual to expect 10 minutes at each stop on the route as every single passenger either stops to discuss the weather with the driver or takes an age to find there concession card. Going anywhere by bus between 9:30am and 10am is likely to take twice as long as any other time of day!
- Crap, What time is it?
-- 10am, why?
- I got on the bingo bus without realizing! This journey is going to take forever!
by martinbc November 21, 2012

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