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collection of horror stories shown on tv in the uk.probably thought they were quite scary as a young person.but if you watch now there not.except for the opening titles ,with that creepy statue,and what appears to be john gielgud creeping around his second floor flat ,is it sir john ...i think thats his title anyway it doesnt matter i think hes dead.
not going out tonight staying in to watch hammer house of horror,i hope its the one with suzanne daniel that never seems to be on . cant remember what its about to busy knocking one out for the full hour.....
by mart70 April 27, 2009

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not wanting to partake in an activity,as in the gay lad in the first series of bad lads army who couldnt take anymore of the said corporals orders.
manager to overworked temp,"i want the taylor report on my desk by tommorow morning.temp "DONT WANT IT CORPORAL"
by mart70 April 26, 2009

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when needing a poo ,the act of sucking the brown stuff back up using the anus muscle.
used in time of not being able to take a shit.
had a nightmare at work the other day,didnt go for my morning poo.by the afternoon i had to pull up a stool,to late it resulted in a snap off.....
by mart70 April 27, 2009

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