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when some one kicks or knees a guy in the groin, between his legs...in the goods..or grapes..its the weak spot on a guy..its something women have done to guys since the dawn of human life.. in the book the history of sex it talks about how the Jewish women were so well know for going for those balls that they got the women in the other countries doing it..even today in some places its a practiced ritual where one day a yr they will get the men and teen boys together and the girls and women will spend some quality time working on there nuts..i can't remember where it was..i want to say middle east but it might be in Africa..when i was in high school we had woman professor from a college come in and talk to us about this..she goes ever yr and had video of it ..it was wild..girls 7 and up were out there kicking guys and teens in the balls as they were being held..basically the guys got worked on and then left till they recovered then they get worked on again..she said she wished they did that here in the states..i'm sure there a lot of women and girls who would agree
man being held legs spread while some one kicks his nuts over and over again. there u have kicked in the nuts
by mapexrocks September 19, 2009
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