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Town in the north east of England
I live in Middlesbrough
by Munkee February 03, 2004

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A game that can be played in town centres where scallies can be found. The stranger the item of burberry clothing or burberry accessory - the more points.

Burberry scarf 1 point
Burberry bag 1 point
Burberry pram - 20 points

And so on.
Lets play burberry bingo - loser buys the beer
by Munkee April 09, 2004

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when ur that...SLEEP!!! or get online!!!
i love sleeping!
by munkee November 12, 2003

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A very funny webcomic, called ih8uprod.com
d00d! d1d j00 r34d iH8uprod.com yesterday? 17 r0xX0rZ
by mUnkee October 27, 2003

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