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When you come out of the booth from a private lap dance and you chat to your mate about how it was and hear about all the crazy awesome stuff his stripper did and realise how lame you stripper was = stripper envy.
Maaaaaaate how good was that! she was was all over me her breasts up in my face! I gave her a good motorboating and she was loving it! she couldn't keep her hands out my pants! I've got stripper juice all over my trousers!

Daaamn, all mine did was just dance around a bit and told me off when I grabbed her ass, serious stripper envy!!
by m3ntat August 22, 2010
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Ain't fucking around - no nonsense, serious commitment in pursuit of a goal, getting shit done
Dude did you see that guy on the squat rack, he was squatting 500lbs atg, afa mate, let's hit these weights!
by m3ntat May 14, 2011
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