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a legal "drug" that you can get from k-mart or wallmart.. usually you find them in the electronics. The high off of this is amazing.. all you do is breathe in the air for about 20sec-1min. (if you do it too long you could pass out) it makes time go by eigther sooo fast or so slow. techno is sweet when you listen to it.. i cant even explain it... its almost like the music is sloww and everything ealse goes at a different speed. the longer huffs/rips you take the longer your high will last.but be careful this has made me sice and you can easily do stuff that you regret when your on it. if your going to try/do this be careful and do it in moderation..take care of yourself. duster can be dangerous.
We all did air duster yesterday and it was sweet.
by lykewoah June 20, 2006

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