2 definitions by lunarziarun

A beautiful girl, with a unique perfect personality. Everyone wants to be her. She has a pure, innocent heart. Her smile is EVERYTHING. She can make your day get much better. She is the top of her class. She might be sometimes weird but it just looks cute. Rund is the hottest person you'll find in this universe. She has a great sense of style. She kinda into studying. Having fun is her thing.

She likes getting new friends for more communication. She can be too related to someone (like her mom). She is never fake, her relationships are so real and she is very naive when it comes to being friends with people.
Rund is my very best friend for many reason that I cant even count..
by lunarziarun April 25, 2019
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The best food in the entire world
Creamy and delicious

Eat it with alfredo better than penne
You should try some fettuccine alfredo because it tastes so good
by lunarziarun April 25, 2019
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