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n. A human person who is socially allowed (there is some debate on this point) to simultaneously have people skills and become extremely excited about certain subjects such as grammar, science or World of Warcraft. Some non-nerds (or "normals") may participate in these subjects, but true nerds care way too much about them. They also become very excited about the distinction between themselves and the spawn of the devil, The Geeks.
1 (nerd): "OMG Star Trek=so awesome!"
2 (normal): "Yeah it was cool, whatever..."
3 (geek): "U retards u didnt even c teh warp drive had no effect on teh redshift of teh celectial bodies, how can u live wit ur dum ass brains, u butt munchin poop slingerzzz!!!!(#*!(**@@!!!!"
by lucysahatch December 10, 2010
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