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An awesome band from Texas, with a great sence of humour, and fully against the emo-movement (check out their song I'm Gay)!

Founded the Annual "Get Happy Tour" with Army of Freshmen.

Albums include Rock on Honourable ones!, Lets Do It For Johnny, Drunk Enough to Dance, A Hangover You Don't Deserve, Bowling For Soup goes to the Movies and latest record The Great Burrito Extortion Case.

Many people will only know BFS for thier song 1985, and anyone who thinks this is good should check out the rest of their stuff!

A lot of people are against BFS for 1985 being "overplayed" on the radio...fair enough if you have at least heard some other songs before dismissing them, but many just hate them without even listening to the music.

They are 4 of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

Virtually garunteed to put a big goofy smile on your face =D

Bowling For Soup are awesome, I love Drunk enough to Dance!
by luckiestloser March 20, 2008
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