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Laurance is first and foremost, a true gentleman in every way imaginable! You've NEVER seen such eloquent and polished good manners with pure grace and charm. They usually have beautiful honey brown eyes, bathed that can look straight into your very soul, and will catch you totally offguard, leaving you helpless. They are brilliantly gifted in their genius intelligence yet take people of simple minds as they are, without judgements or expectations, for anything more than you just simply are. You have to admire that about Laurance. He is extremely handsome and very sexiiii with a raw sexual sensuality that oozes right out of their pores. The sexiest thing they possess is their very refined manly yet tender sexi voice as they lean over and whisper into your ear causing your body to simply, shamefully respond. They have a beautiful body and very well endowed . They are fearless when it comes to protecting the weak, especially women and children. They also love to nurture others, and in turn it also nurtures them as well. He is very funny in a unique and quirky way for offbeat humor and can be obscene to everyone's naughty delight. He is usually an Artist of some fashion, be it a writer, a painter, a musician, poet, or sometimes ALL of the above. Above all things, he is a music lover to the extreme and utmost, as Laurance's are very deeply emotionally passionate in every way imaginable.
by loving_sweetness April 20, 2017
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