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dressed up hella clean like a grown man. button up shirt, crisp slacks/khakis/jeans, and some clean ass shoes to go witcha fit, yadadaimsayin? leather coat, cuff links, stunna shades, wateva makes u look clean and grown.

"i get my grown man on..white collar wit da button up..my grown man on. i might 2 step wit my grown man on. i'm so fresh to death w/ my grown man on." - grown man on by da hoodstarz
by lovin that thizz April 30, 2006

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bay slang for "u know wat i'm sayin?", derived from da more commonly known yadadamean
"yadadamean, yadadaimsayin, yadadaimtalkinbout? i know watchu talkin bout!" - know what i'm talkin bout - keak da sneak
by lovin that thizz May 16, 2006

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