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A continuum of statements, actions and/or decisions meant to cover a mistake or error, resulting in deeper trouble requiring more obfuscation and deceit.
"she flubs every new question, then studies the flubbed questions, later gives an answer to those old questions, and continues to flub the new questions as if consumed by blunderlust."

(I have been trying to clarify this word in my own mind, knowing what I meant, but not being able to put my finger on it. It's history is rooted deeply within the term, actions and results of our 43rd President of the United States of America.
Clarity came when reading this comment from outtheinside.
http://current.com/people/outtheinside )
by lotus_65 October 05, 2008
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The home.
yo holmes, you tryin' to get out tonight?

nah, I gots no cash, i'll be chillin' at the shed with my fresh boo. you can roll by, but we'll prolly be bumpin' so...
by lotus_65 February 04, 2009
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