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Any group of teenagers with, but not limited too, having choppy short black hair, with one rather odd looking bleached-blonde streak in their emo sweep (side swept bangs), or obnoxiosly long, think bleach blond hair with one random black highlight, also with an emo sweep, these teenagers, if female, are often seen wearing guys jeans, bright colored band ts, polka dots, vans slip-ons, and childish barrets, and if male, clothing that is obnoxiosly tight on them, band ts, girls jeans, and converse chuck taylors. These teenagers are often seen hanging out at local teen clubs listening to there favorite local band that they know nothing of, the just go to go, they try to act cool by hardcore dancing or jumping around like little twats taking pictures of themselves with "sex"written all over there fingers. Teenagers of this nature are also marked by, but not limited to: Nose Peircings, Naval Peircings, Monroes, Multiple Ear Peircings, Eyebrow Peircings, Bridge Peircings, and nape peircings.
Lola was so scene with her jet black hair and her monroe peircing.
by losercouture November 12, 2005

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