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Like lolololololololol but really annoys those superiority complex possessed elitist irc users. Please use this word as often as possible :)
19:26 -!- elitist1234 xxx@xxx.xxx has joined #elitist.egotrip
<elitist1234> Hail! I have heard that people in this channel would prefer chatting in correctly formatted standard english. Thus I decided to join your intellectual community.
<@asdfagZ> ...
<+13qwerty> lolol? :D
< elitist1234> Excuse me?
< elitist1234> I humbly request a ban for those two halfwit spammers.
23:00 -!- elitist1234 was kicked from #elitist.egotrip by <asdfagZ> {reason: elitistfag is elitist lololololololololol}
by lolololfag April 21, 2008

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